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Big update to the page and start of a massive project...

The Mega Man Zero Lore Database!

Original concieved in preperation for The RPG Mongers eventual MMZ streams, scope creep got to me and I decided to make it public as I work on it. I have no idea when it will be finished as I dont even know when Monger's streams are going to be. For now I will make incremental progress towards reaching a finished website. However right now, Fairy Leviathan and Aztec Falcons MMZ1 pages are complete, so go read them if you want!

As for my sources, I try to primarily source the original game scripts and the many fan translations of them. I also use the Megaman Zero Complete Works for supplementary info and lore bits. For the remainder of my info I use the Megaman Knowledge Base as a jumping off point to find more concrete sources.

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