Anubis Necromancess

Aliases: Anubistep Necromances, "Redemption Lord of the Underworld"

Affiliation: Neo Arcadia - Scorched Earth Squadron

Weapons: Cane, Necromancy, Geomancy

Weaknesses: Fire

Created as a member of Fighting Fefnir's Scorched Earth Squadron, Anubis Necromancess was assigned to the unit's medical position thanks to his abnormal ability to raise the dead. By utilizing an army of sand grain-sized nanobots, he is able to nearly instantly repair damaged Reploids and control the corpses of the less fortunate. These nanobots are not sentient, however, as they can only function as long as Anubis' "heart unit" stays intact. If this unit is ever destroyed, Anubis will truly die.

Thankfully, his miraculous healing ability is not limited to just other Reploids. While it is unknown if Anubis can instantly heal himself from severe damage seeing as Zero was able to "kill" him, he is certainly able to revive himself if the main body is ever destroyed. In fact, his main body had already died two times prior to his first encounter with the recently declared Maverick Zero.

His first body, primarily a healer known as "The Holy Sweeper King of Hades" died during an unknown mission with the Scorched Earth Squadron. While it is unknown how he died here, it was severe enough of a "death" that he needed to be partially repaired in the remote factory. Anubis' second death would humorously come about by pure chance after being struck by the crashing remains of the transport ship the Resistance had stolen. Unlike his first death Anubis was able to revive himself from this death and either due to his orders or simply petty revenge, went about slaying all survivors of the crash.

Before Anubis could find and slay the final survivor, Zero would arrive to put a permanent end to the death-defying Jackal. During this fight Anubis would demonstrate another ability that his nanobot army granted him. By rapidly deconstructing and reconstructing himself, Anubis could camouflage with the sand itself. However despite this seemingly perfect camouflage, Anubis had to reemerge to make any substantial attacks, and by exploiting these periods Zero was able to put him down. Though unbeknownst to Zero, he failed to fully destroy Anubis' heart, sealing his fate for an eventual rematch.