Aztec Falcon

Aliases: Aztefalcon, "The Ultimate Bird, Sparking with Lightning"

Affiliation: Neo Arcadia - Strong Air Battalion

Weapons: Electromancy, Conductor Arms

Weaknesses: Ice

Aztec Falcon was one of the commanders in Sage Harpuia's Strong Air Battalion during the Supremacy of Neo Arcadia and was an incredibly deadly foe. As such, very few who have encountered Aztec Falcon have lived to tell the tale.

When he was still in operation, Aztec Falcon ran the Reploid Disposal Plant. A hellish location where Reploids deemed Maverick were sent to be "retired". Tragically, there are no known cases of an arrested Reploid being judged innocent. As chief warden of the facility, Falcon personally oversaw many of its retirements. There were also rumors that Falcon got a sick sense of satisfaction from his job.

Shortly after Zero was awoken from his 100-year slumber, he was tasked with destroying the disposal plant. Whilst on this mission, Zero was informed by commander Ciel that a resistance soldier was due to be retired soon. By the time Zero had reached Aztec Falcon, the execution had already begun. Zero and Aztec stood on a slowly descending platform, the bottom covered in spikes. Below them was the resistance soldier and a few other Reploids who were deemed Maverick. So on top of Aztec Falcon's already impressive skill, Zero had to contest with a time limit- take out Aztec Falcon, before the Reploids below were escorted to their graves.

Aztec Falcon's arms are two giant lightning rods, from which he would shoot a series of lightning arrows in a variety of patterns. One of which involved Falcon leaping onto one of the walls of the room, and firing 3 arrows diagonally down at once. He could also channel electricity through his arms and jump from the walls, using his arms to perform a ground slam that would electrify the floor. Additionally, his arms seemed to be completely invulnerable to any energy-based ranged weaponry, such as the resistance's Buster Shot guns. Falcon frequently used this indestructibility to protect himself from enemies attacking from a distance. If Falcon ever got tired of playing keep away, he could open his arms and use them as giant magnets to pull in far-away foes. This combination of push and pull forced Zero to either take potshots at Falcon or risk a close-range attack.

Though the battle was incredibly difficult, accentuated by Zero's very recent awakening, Zero was able to break through the bird's defenses and save the doomed Reploids. As a reward for his heroism, Falcon left behind the source of his thunderous power for Zero to take, the Lightning Chip. This chip allowed Zero to wield Falcon's affinity for electricity as his own [For more info on chips and their uses, please check the "Chips and Forms" page.]

Comedically, unlike many of the other Neo Arcadians that Zero has faced. Aztec Falcon never got a chance at revenge before Sage Harpuia rebuilt him into a ridable steed, and seemingly took his capacity for speech with the "recovery".